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The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition
By Tina L. Quick
Summertime Publishing
Foreword by Ruth Van Reken, co-author of Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds

A practical and inspiring handbook for students who must make the double transition of not only adjusting to a new life stage as an independent adult, but to a whole new culture as well, for even their home culture will be foreign to them in many respects.

"This bookis uniquely and sensitively tailored to the needs of students who are either 'returning' to their home countries or 'transitioning' to another host country. The sensitive observation shines through, and will resonate with the experience of the folk who are going through it today. There is also a wealth of wise and balanced qualifications, leaving room for the great variety of individual experience. It is realistic without being fatalistic; it should help a generation of students to make the very best of their college careers."

Dr. Richard Pearce, International School of London, Consultant on National and International Education, co-author or "The Essential Guide for Teachers in International Schools."



The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition is a practical, to-the-point guide for:

  • Students transitioning back to their home country for college / university.
  • Students relocating to another host country for university.
  • Parents who want to know how they can prepare and support their student in his or her university transition.
  • International school teachers and guidance / college counselors who want to understand the issues involved in the international transition to university and prepare students for them.
  • College and university staff on the receiving end who want to support international students and help ensure a smooth transition.

Filled withreal-life stories, tips and vignettes,The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition is a wealth of practical examples and wise advice. It covers all the important topics that TCKs and other international students adjusting to university life:

  • the cylcle of transition
  • marginalization
  • belonging
  • identity
  • independent living
  • roommates
  • time management
  • finances
  • interpersonal relationships
  • health
  • safety


"I love the book and feel that it is the most helpful resource for TCKs that I have ever read. While based in theory, it is easy to read and very, very practical. It gives students lots of good, sound, practical advice that they can use before and during their transition to university."

Greg Caldwell, Associate Dean of Students, Director of International Students and Scholars, Lewis and Clark College

Available at

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