• teens who have been living abroad and are returning to their passport country for high school
  • teens and young adults who have been living abroad and are relocating to their passport country to attend college / university
  • teens and young adults who have been living outside their passport country and are relocating to another host country for college / university
  • international scholars and their families relocating internationally


with students in any of the categories above


of international or domestic schools who want a better appreciation and understanding of the issues of international students


  • Guidance and college placement counselors responsible for helping students make successful adjustments to high school and college
  • Mental health professionals

Colleges and universities

Any staff who routinely deal with international students’ admissions, transitions and issues. This could include, but is not limited to:

  • staff in International Students and Scholars Offices
  • Deans of International Students
  • International Student Affairs
  • Student counseling services

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