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Smoothing, Supporting and Surviving Your Kid's College Transition

Free webinar hosted by Rachel Yates of The Expat Life Line for parents of TCKs/CCKs who are about to send their child off to college / university as well as expat families about to repatriate with adolescent children.



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Helping Expatriate Students Transition Successfully to University: Thriving Beyond Academics

March 2014

Ferney Voltaire, France

Crossroads Church, Chemin de la Brunette

- FOR PARENTS: Helping Your Student Transition to University

                                           Friday March 28, 7:00-9:00 pm (also relevant for parents repatriating with adolescents).

Refreshments to follow.

A Complementary Talk for Parents - Expatriate students must make a double adjustment for the college transition: first to a new stage of life as an independent adult and second to a new culture. Even their home country culture can seem foreign. This talk will spell out:

  • the special challenges third culture kids (TCKs) / Global Nomads face when stepping out of the expatriate culture,
  • whey they have these unique challenges,
  • how they can confront and grow from them, and
  • how parents can help prepare and come alongside their student in the transition.


- FOR STUDENTS GRADES 11-13: Thriving Beyond Academics


Saturday, March 29 (10:00 am - 5:00 pm) - "Transitioning Successfully for University" full-day workshop for students graduating this year or next (Students grades 11 -13) or students age 15 and up who will be repatriating soon.

This workshop is designed to help students come away:

  • with the ability to better understand themselves, their reactions and their resources as they adjust to their new life situations,
  • prepared for the transition experience with fewer stumbling blocks along the way,
  • with tools and strategies for successfully navigating the double transition,
  • an idea of how to prepare for the practicalities of college life.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register.  Or telephone Michele O'Donnell at +33 4 50 28 37 65            

                                   Price: 125 CHF per student. Includes snacks, lunch and materials.

 Tina Quick - Popular international speaker, transition expert and author of The Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition will be speaking at the Swiss Group of International Schools Conference in Basel and is coming to the Geneva, Switzerland area March 27-29 to give a series of workshops for students, parents and educators on Third Culture Kids (TCKs) / Cross-cultural kids (CCKs), transitions and the college/university transition.










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Helping International Students Understand American Values

In Hobson's Counselor Connection, October 2009 Issue Tina Quick wrote the article, Helping International Students Understand American Values. Click here to read the full article.

AN EXCERPT: "Shared history and geography often give rise to the perceptions that become incorporated into a nation's identity. Although America's communal history is relatively short, many U.S.-born citizens inherently display values that are rooted in historical events. As with any culture, Americans have distinguishable values that international students should try to understand so they can successfully adjust. While there are many American perceptions and behaviors that are worthy of discussion, the focus of this article is on five attributes of Americans that sometimes result in confusion or even clashes with members of outside cultures."

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Your Space: Third-culture kids

Michele Mischler speaks to Tina Quick from International Family Transitions and pyschologist Michèle O’Donnell about so-called ’third-culture kids’, a term coined in the 1950s in a study of expat cultures.


Source: World Radio Switzerland

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I-Student Advisor

I-Student Advisor publishes "Coffee with Tina Quick."



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IFT Now Offering Webinars

Tina Quick of International Family Transitions is now offering her seminars and workshops via affordable webinars. If you haven't been able to bring Tina to your school or organization, consider bringing your audience to Tina via the webinar platform. All webinars are customized to meet the needs of your particular audience whether it be students, parents, teachers, counselors or administrators.

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Telegraph Article - Helping Your Child Return Home for University

Tina Quick's article on Expat children repatriating for the university experience is published in "The Telegraph."



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Expat Arrivals Book Review

Expat Arrivals gives big thumbs up to "The Global Nomad's Guide to Unviversity Transition."



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EuRA webinar on Third Culture Kids Transitioning for University with Tina Quick

EuRA Relocation presents a webinar on Third Culture Kids - Transitioning Successfully for University.



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Interview with Josh Sandoz of The International Therapist Directory

Josh Sandoz of The International Therpaist Directory interviews Tina Quick about her new book, "The Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition."



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Expat Archive Book Review

Expat Archive Center writes review of "The Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition."



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Visiting Author Interview at Anglo-American School of Moscow

Tina Quick is interviewed about her work, seminars and book while visiting the Anglo-American School of Moscow, Russia as Guest Author.



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New! Free Book Preview

Visit "The Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition" website for free previews, glossary, index, resources and FAQ's.




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Isolated Internationals Weblog article

Isolated Internationals guest blogpost by Tina Quick.



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Swiss ex-pat radio talks about TCKs

Swiss ex-pat radio talks about TCKs, unresolved grief, and university transition.



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DIA's book review of

Delta Intercultural Academy, a knowledge community on culture and communication in international business, has just published it's reveiw of "The Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition." Read it here.



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Why a Cross-Cultural Childhood Matters Webinar

Click on the link below to see and listen to the webinar, "Third Culture Kids: Why a Cross-Cultural Childhood Matters," hosted by the USA Girl Scouts Overseas and Families in Global Transition.




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Four Pearls of University Transition

There are four things I honestly feel that if every global nomad knew before making the transition to university, he or she would have a much smoother adjustment. Read about what I call the "Four Pearls" from the ACS International Schools Winter 2010 newsletter.




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Overseas Association for College Admission Counseling Article

The author of "The Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition" talks about the double adjustment international students go through when returning to their home country for college / university. They must not only make the transition to a new life stage as an independent adult but to a whole new culture as well, for even their home country culture will be foreign to them in many respects. This is something that can come as a huge surprise.


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I Student Advisor Article,

In this article, Tina Quick, author and cross-cultural trainer discusses the transitional stages many students go through after deciding to study overseas.


Be sure to turn the page by clicking and draggin the right hand corner so you are starting on "Thriving in Transition."


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